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Running Seminar

Make Your Next Step Your BEST Step!

Running Can Be Tough. Running can be challenging. When done properly, running can make you feel like you can do anything. So many people wait until their first injury or their first running failure before they finally seek advice. Ever heard that running causes injuries? Ever wonder why some people can run forever and some people stall out after a short time? What about treadmill running or barefoot running?.
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Where There is Joy, There Can be Growth

On the sidewalk, Bill is a graying man in dark jeans who stands about 5 foot 4. He looks mundane until yoga class begins, and then Bill is a master teacher; easily jumping (yes, jumping soundlessly) into headstands, hopping into crow pose and resting with a foot behind his head. If anything, Bill is a lesson in not judging by appearance. But as my Ashtanga Yoga teacher for the past two years, Bill also taught.
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Our yoga and Pilates studio is one of the finest in Northeast Portland with spacious rooms, hand blown glass fixtures, custom crafted fans, and a modern industrial feel. The tranquil setting begins with walking into the yoga foyer and instantly feeling a sense of relief. Light music playing in the background and a water/tea station help ease the stressful day and allows you to prepare for a therapeutic class. Before entering yoga class, please remove your shoes. We provide.
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