Monthly Archives: March 2013

Pamela Sery

Pamela is happy to be a part of the Me Fitness Team! She is grateful for the connection and joy yoga offers her community. Every day is a fresh opportunity for all of us to discover who we are on our mats, and to connect with others on the same, but unique path. Her journey started in 2002, influenced by the joyful teachings of Steve Ross from Maha Yoga in California. She has since studied the.
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Craig Stewart

My fitness philosophy is pretty simple: Does your current fitness level support you in doing the things you want to do? If not, we can change that. Through simple and effective exercise designed with you in mind, together we will increase your core strength, improve your balance, boost your energy and work toward creating the lifestyle you      desire. Contact me for a  complimentary 20-minute consultation to see how together we can improve your fitness to  support your magnificent body. Until.
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March 8th, Kettlebell Training

Curious about Kettlebells?

Come find out why this simple hunk of iron can produce STRENGTH, STAMINA, and ENDURANCE that other training methods just can't match! Classes start March 1, 2013 and continue on every Friday at Noon. Cost is $10.00/person, limited spacing, sign up at the front desk.
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