Monthly Archives: April 2013

History of Pilates

History of Pilates—Researched and Written by Duane Best As a child, German born Joseph Pilates suffered with asthma, rickets, and rheumatic fever.  Joe made the decision to restore his own health. He studied yoga and martial arts blending them with Western forms of physical activities such as bodybuilding, gymnastics and boxing. At fourteen years old, he had sculpted his physique so well that he was posing for anatomy charts. As a young man, Joe moved to England.
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April Yogi of the Month

Jill Lauren found yoga and fell in love. Without a broad understand of what she was getting herself into, she leaped into teacher training with Tiffany Crushank. Tiffany bestowed upon her a love of alignment, breath, and gratitude. With her eyes wide shut Jill learned more than she ever expected. She learned how to to be strong, how to slow down, and how to breathe. She finds a sense of comfort and safety when she practices.
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