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Why go Gluten Free? – Allison Pelot

Why go Gluten Free?

by  on MARCH 4, 2012
Gluten free has become a popular marketing term in the food industry, and for some, a way of life.  Many people are asking about it and demanding that more gluten free products become available in the market place and at restuarants.  One reason may be that studies have shown gluten can cause inflammation in the gut, even for those who do not have an.
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October Yogi Of The Month – Mike Shvartsman

Healthy body, healthy mind. It is this idea that first attracted me to practicing Yoga, and through my personal experience I can fully testify that this is indeed the case. Most of my life I spent challenging and enhancing my mind, but it was only when I decided to take greater care of my body, that I started finding joy and fulfillment in life. My body is my vessel, and it is the only one.
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