Monthly Archives: January 2014

Our First Member of the Month ~ Rebecca Huggins

How long have you been a member of Me Fitness? Three wonderful months! What is your favorite class and why? Booty Luv, no doubt! Great music, great energy from the instructor. Heather is very clear with her instructions and even though I still consider myself a beginner, I feel very safe in her classes, knowing she is watching us & giving pointers throughout our movements. My fav yoga class is Yin Yoga with Pamela and Karli. Being middle.
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Personal Trainer Awareness Day – Meet our Personal Trainers

Personal Training used to be one of those things that I thought people only did when they didn't want to put much effort into designing a workout plan for themselves, little did I know, I was completely wrong! I moved here from a small town in Idaho and started working at a fitness facility for the first time in my life. One of the huge perks for working at a gym, you get to see.
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