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Glute Empowerment By: Cristy Hatton

What are the glutes? The three main muscles that are generally referred to as “the glutes” are gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus, and gluteus medius. These three important muscles are crucial for overall functional movement and a pain-free life. They each perform their own specialized functions and together support and/or move the body through many of the everyday actions we perform: walking, standing, hiking, taking stairs, lifting heavy weights. What kind of exercises increase glute strength in.
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Building without Bulking, a woman’s guide to strength training! By: Kristina Ray

Building without Bulking, a woman’s guide to strength training! You walk into the gym, hop on the Elliptical, Treadmill, or Stand Up Bike for 30-45 min, burn some calories, and call it a day! You don’t do any strength training, or even touch those free weights; because you’re terrified that even coming within a foot of them will bulk your muscles up to the point where people will start mistaking you for a female gladiator! If this.
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Why I choose strength By: Charles Batey

Why I choose strength. Being strong makes us more flexible. The hamstrings are a perennial scapegoat for inflexibility but they are only as flexible as the structures around them are strong. With strong muscles in the hip complex that can maintain stability when the muscles around them move, our hamstrings are more able to be flexible. The single leg deadlift develops unilateral strength in the hamstrings and forces the hip complex to remain stable. Just make.
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