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“WOMEN: Don’t be afraid of weight training!!” By: Adam M. Stafford

Do you find yourself spending hours and hours on a treadmill or elliptical with nothing to show for it?  Your body doesn’t change, you’re not losing the weight you initially set out to or inches where you want to lose them?  The approach that works best when you want to lose weight and firm up is a combination of proper diet, cardiovascular/endurance training, and resistance (weight) training.

I think.

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The Great Carb Debate by: Jennifer Oechsner

jenjphoto jen o yoga-8627 Carbs, one of those nutrition buzz words that circulates the blogosphere with considerable passion. According to some, a dirty word and substance that should rarely cross one’s lips. To others, a necessary fuel source it is impossible to live without. To many, the basis of our guilty culinary pleasures. Guilty pleasures aside, how does one decipher all of the information out there about.
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