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What are the biggest mistakes that people make when they work out?

Here’s what a few of our trainers said:

“The biggest mistake I see people making is relying too much on the machines, such as sitting on the bicycle and reading or doing seated bicep curls (of course there are exceptions to people’s physical limitations). But if you can, get off of the machines and begin to train functionally. For example; challenge your balance, do single leg single arm overhead press, side lunges, squats.

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Balance Training by: Adam Stafford


Adam Stafford, Personal Trainer & Certified Coach

Do you remember those old V-8 commercials where someone was walking down the street sideways and crooked, because they didn’t get enough vitamins and minerals in their diets? Though an exaggeration, it’s not that far from the truth. The same can be said for a personal fitness routine. Muscle imbalances, poor body control, or even simple inabilities such as standing on one.
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October Member of the Month : Maxine Fountain

How long have you been a member of Me Fitness and what keeps you coming back? I’ve been a member of Me Fitness for about 3 months which is about 15 months short of when I first thought of joining.  Having been a dancer/exerciser for most of my life it is an essential ingredient in my makeup. Prior to joining Me Fitness, I made an error in joining a club that wasn’t a good fit and it.
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