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Winter Wellness- Kristen Lozano

Winter Wellness

by ME Fitness Front Desk Champion Kristen Lozano

As it gets colder we often try everything to fend off getting ill. As soon as a nasty cough swept through the Me Fitness Lobby, I knew I had to do everything in my wheelhouse to avoid getting  sick. I loaded up on Vitamin C in the mornings and did my best to.
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Periodization Equals Results – Alberto Padilla

Periodization Equals Results

by ME Fitness Personal Trainer Alberto Padilla

Transforming your body is never simple. That’s why a plan or blueprint is required to achieve results; in the fitness world this is called “periodization”. Periodization involves progressive cycling of varies methods of training programs for a period of time.  This, allows you to make long term gains, enhance athleticism and avoid plateaus and injuries. Before this can be initiated, your plan needs to be well thought out.
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