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Yoga Mat Etiquette

Your yoga mat should feel like your own private island in class, but while it might feel like a second home, one of its main purposes is to create a barrier between you and the not so clean ground. Here are some additional yoga mat tips you might not know about. 1.There is nothing wrong with borrowing a mat if it is your first class or you accidentally forgot your mat at home. Otherwise, bring your own.
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Yoga Spotlight: Internal Benefits

Why Yoga?

By Kristen Lozano

There are numerous benefits to practicing yoga, such as developing more strength, flexibility, and reducing stress. However, there are so many more internal benefits to practicing yoga you may not know about. Here’s my three OTHER reasons your body will be thanking you for doing yoga this year!   image2 (1)

Improves Balance and Spacial Awareness

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Good Health Spotlight: Integrative Manual Therapy


Integrative Manual Therapy by Tina Esquivel


Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT™) is a unique set of techniques, approaches, and methodologies that address pain, dysfunction, disease and disability. Developed by Dr. Sharon W. Giammatteo, IMT is best described as a health care process. IMT encompasses a wide range of health care practices. It achieves health and healing by taking into account the diverse systems of the human body and addressing dysfunction at the cellular level. IMT practitioners use their.
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