Monthly Archives: August 2016

Alisa Fairbanks

Alisa is a proponent of living, moving and eating well. As a trainer, she educates clients on all the components of an optimal lifestyle: sleep, movement, nutrition, and stress  management. She aims to help clients live better and see things in a more positive light. Alisa also strives to continuously be better in her own body, mind and life, and does so through continued education, self-studies, working with clients, and practice. She is.

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Tracy Jones

Tracy has been a Personal Trainer and certified Kettlebell coach since 2014. She was a collegiate athlete and has always loved sports and fitness. Diagnosed with Spondylolisthesis 10 years ago, she struggled to find a way to workout pain free. That led Tracy to discover Kettlebells in 2010 and through that experience, she knew she wanted to help others achieve success and pain free movement with Kettle bells. She chose to leave her corporate job and pursue a.
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Sue Weinberger

Sue started her fitness career in New Jersey nearly a decade ago in the Tri-State area, specifically in New York City. With a strong background in dance, theater and athletics, it made sense for her first fitness certification to be in Zumba. Since then she added more certifications to her repertoire, including her personal training certification. Sue is very personable; using humor, zest for fun and tough love to get her clients to where they are yearning to be in their lives.Her.
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