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New Years Resolution Tips From Personal Trainer, Jen Smirl

This time of the year people start gearing up for New Year’s Resolutions and I am asked a lot of questions about cleanses, diets, which class to take, how many times a week to work out, etc. Lofty goals are set and then life gets in the way! Here are my tips for people making successful New Year’s Resolutions for 2017! Set realistic goals: I suggest that clients use the SMART acronym for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant.
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MovNat at ME Fitness

We are proud to host MovNat March 2017 for Fitness Enthusiasts and Health Care Practitioners!

What is MovNat?


MovNat is fundamentally about movement. We practice a comprehensive, holistic & mindful approach to the full range of natural human movement abilities. We are unique in that our movements ARE our strengthening and conditioning. The practice is for everyone. It is progressive and safe, and supports physical competence for any area of life.

Workshops and Certification Information

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Recipe of the Month: December



'Tis the season for colds, and turmeric is essential to keeping healthy. This hearty bowl has it all, root veggies, avocado, garlic, kale, and turmeric quinoa. Packed with protein and essential flu-fighters like garlic and turmeric, this is an easy, flavorful recipe that will really support you as it gets colder!  


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