Monthly Archives: August 2018

Client Testimonial: Brittney

We love this client testimonial, what a change in just a year! Documenting your fitness journey is a fantastic way to see just how far you come. Thank you, Brittney, for sharing your progress with us!

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Trainer Spotlight: Tracy Jones

This month we asked Fit Pro, Tracy Jones as to why Kettlebells worked so well for her in her own rehabilitation and fitness journey! Thanks for sharing, Tracy!
  If you were to tell me 10 years ago that I would be a Personal Trainer and Kettlebell Coach I would have laughed in your face. At this time I had been diagnosed with Spondylolisthesis in my Low back (specifically L4L5) and had such a week back.
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Recipe of the Month: August

Easy Summer Tacos

When it's super hot out the last thing you want to do is cook. Here's a quick and easy taco recipe using lettuce leaves instead of tortillas for a paleo-friendly plate of tacos!

What you'll need:

Protein: Any leftover meat, we prefer grilled chicken breast with a Mexican Seasoning. If vegetarian, black beans would be a great substituation. -8 sliced cherry tomatoes  -3 sliced radishes Read more