Alexander Rosan

Licensed Massage Therapist #26276

I first got hooked into the world of massage therapy while studying to be an opera singer at Boston Conservatory. We were required to get at least 1 massage per semester that I would schedule around performance dates and noticed an incredible improvement in the quality of my voice and ability to sing for longer without having to take a breath. 


 I have been practicing massage therapy now for 15 years and couldn’t feel more aligned with my work. As someone who moved a lot for work and play, I understand the importance of the body feeling good and out of any pain.


I love neck, back, and hip work and stretching people out to gain more mobility and freedom in the body. Many people describe my work as being deep but without the pain. I help a lot of people through pre/post surgery, chronic pain, and integral maintenance.


I specialize in deep tissue, myofascial release, and trigger point therapy.


If you’re looking for an experienced massage therapist to help you feel better past the first few days after getting a massage, look no further!


Call or text Alexander for an appointment today: 415-420-5747