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Certified Personal Trainer


With 10 plus years of dance experience and a bachelor's degree in Psychology, Allyson began her career in fitness as a certified personal trainer in 2013. Within a year, she established a steady clientele in New York City and has worked with a variety of people from strength and endurance athletes to weight loss, pre/postnatal, injury rehab, and disease prevention/symptom management clients. 


After managing several fitness departments, teaching group fitness classes and creating her own small group training program, Allyson became a Certified Prescison Nutriton Coach in 2017. Since then she has combined her fitness background with nutrition coaching and has seen her clients excel.


Allyson is a nationally qualified USPA powerlifter, as well as a nationally qualified National Physique Committee bikini competitor. You can find her on the gym floor smashing weights, most likely laughing or dancing around the gym somewhere. Her no quit attitude fuels a strong work ethic, but believes it’s just as important to have fun with it. Come say hi!


BA Psychology | Precision Nutrition Coach (Pn1) | Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCms) | Functional Range Assessment (FRA) | National Counsel of Certified Personal Trainers Certified Personal Trainer (NCCPT) | Kettlebell Concepts 1 (KBC1) | Strong First User Course (SFG) | Pre/Post Natal | Stick Mobility Coach L1 | Kinstretch

CONTACT @allyson.spungin

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