Anna Herron


Licensed Massage Therapist

Anna is passionate about educating and helping clients move and feel better.

Working as a Personal Trainer, she first became interested in manual therapy as a means to better-help her clients with their musculoskeletal and mobility issues. That subsequently led her to pursue massage as a career. She graduated in 2011 with a Diploma with Honors in Massage, Sports Massage, and Spa Therapies from Everest Institute, Tigard, OR.

She experienced a temporary setback with a sports injury and long recovery. She found manual therapy to be key in overcoming the chronic pain and restriction that resulted from that injury. Her difficult journey ended up providing valuable insight which has informed her practice and allows her to serve others better.

Anna has worked with athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and MLS, as well as elite-level runners, cyclists, CrossFit Champions, collegiate athletics, celebrities, and more. She’s also a Level 3 Certified Frederick Stretch Therapy (FST) Practitioner.

Anna is a mom to four incredible young women and two fur-babies. Her spare time is given to school—the completion of her BS in Kinesiology—gymming, hiking, reading, and Salsa dancing.