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My philosophy revolves around all aspects of health, from peace of mind to physical wellbeing. My passion is originally driven from personal experiences and talent at understanding nuances of body positioning: I've been pushed to the limit as an Olympic hopeful in wrestling, have found hidden abilities through the practice of presence in yoga, and learned pacing by working with my own injuries. From there, inspiring people to find their untapped possibilities has become most.
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Strain-Counterstrain: A gentle approach to releasing muscle tension.

The physical therapists at Good Health Physical Therapy & Wellness often use strain-counterstrain, also known as positional release, to help treat acute and chronic pain. It is often very effective with our patients with Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome, but is also used with patients with chronic low back pain, rotator cuff injury, and many other conditions.

What is Strain-counterstrain?

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