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December Yogi of the Month: Sharon Hanson

I have been practicing Hatha Yoga since 1991 and teaching since 1996. When I first came to yoga I had the shortest and tightest hamstrings known to mankind due to long distance running and never stretching. My very first yoga class turned my world upside down, figuratively and literally! I remember with laughter my very first class my teacher Diane Wilson working her hardest to help me into fish pose, which now is one of.
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November Yogi of the Month: Jenn Oeschner

I have over ten years of experience studying martial arts including Taekwondo, Jeet kune do and Thai Boxing. After years of this combative training by body had really taken a beating and yoga seemed like the natural step on my journey. After several years of personal practice I knew that yoga was a path I wanted to follow on a deeper level and in 2010 I traveled to Goa, India to complete a 200 hour.
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October Yogi of the Month: Becky Boldrick

I had no idea what I had gotten myself into the first time I found myself in a heated yoga studio trying to balance on one leg. Encouraged to attend the yoga class with a friend, I went into it looking for a workout, and I left with sense of calm that I had never experienced before. I was hooked! After two years of classes, I took my practice to the next level in 2011.
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