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Good Health Spotlight: Integrative Manual Therapy


Integrative Manual Therapy by Tina Esquivel


Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT™) is a unique set of techniques, approaches, and methodologies that address pain, dysfunction, disease and disability. Developed by Dr. Sharon W. Giammatteo, IMT is best described as a health care process. IMT encompasses a wide range of health care practices. It achieves health and healing by taking into account the diverse systems of the human body and addressing dysfunction at the cellular level. IMT practitioners use their.
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Winter Wellness- Kristen Lozano

Winter Wellness

by ME Fitness Front Desk Champion Kristen Lozano

As it gets colder we often try everything to fend off getting ill. As soon as a nasty cough swept through the Me Fitness Lobby, I knew I had to do everything in my wheelhouse to avoid getting  sick. I loaded up on Vitamin C in the mornings and did my best to.
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Namaste-Rae Bodywork & Massage

Bodywork & Massage

LMT #20812
I believe our natural state is one of vitality and wellness; yet illness and injury can alter and challenge your day to day ease. Fortunately, bodywork and massage access places in the body you cannot release yourself. I focus my practice on the whole being. I offer healing touch modalities to enhance your awareness and facilitate transformation in order to help you Feel Better. Most of the modalities I offer allow the client to remain.
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