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Artist Spotlight: Lucy Volker

You may have noticed we have a new set of work in the Mind Body Lobby! Meet ME Fitness Member and Artist, Lucy Volker! Come check out her mesmerizing prints and paintings, available for purchase. a-crush-wasted

About Lucy:

Investigating transparency, opacity and repetition is the core of my practice both conceptually and visually. Experimenting with various techniques in painting, drawing, and screenprinting, gives me a large.
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Give Back to The Serendipity Center this November

We are receiving donations at the front desk for the Serendipity Center! You can drop off your donations until Nov 22nd.  We're so thankful to be apart of such a giving community, even a little goes a long way.

About the Serendipity Center

Our school provides all students with a hot breakfast and lunch daily, for some of our students these are their only meals due to outside life circumstances (low income/no income, foster care,.
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Walk 4 Water Event

Me Fitness and the Walk 4 Water

Me Fitness Studios is always happy to get involved with community events. Join us Sunday, April 30th at Laurelhurst Park as we Walk for Water. Water 1st International is hosting a 5k fundraising event to gain awareness for those without clean water, and to allow you to experience what 1 billion people do everyday. This family event is the perfect way.
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