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Walk 4 Water Event

Me Fitness and the Walk 4 Water

Me Fitness Studios is always happy to get involved with community events. Join us Sunday, April 30th at Laurelhurst Park as we Walk for Water. Water 1st International is hosting a 5k fundraising event to gain awareness for those without clean water, and to allow you to experience what 1 billion people do everyday. This family event is the perfect way.
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Fall Fun Family Activities

Fall Fun Family Activities: 25 Adventures in and around Portland brought to you by ME Time-Child Watch. Drop your kids off and get your sweat on!

Fall is just around the corner, and while Portlanders are currently enjoying the gorgeous summer, it won’t be long before the fall rain and cooler days settle on Portland. Don’t let the fall weather get you down–bust out the raincoats, boots and hats and venture out for some fun,.
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Member of the Month for July: Seamus Foran

July Member of the Month: Seamus Foran!!

How long have you been a Me Fitness Member and what's a typical workout look like for you?

I've been a member at Me Fitness since about 2012. I've always loved the open spaces and variety of equipment, and I frequently base a lot of workouts on whatever is available. I'm usually on a tight schedule, so trying to maximize my time in the gym is always important. I love.
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