Massage Therapist

Cristy Hatton Neuhauser

I began strength training in college while playing Softball at Oregon State University, training and competing at one of the highest levels. After graduation I stepped into the fitness world and really began to mold my perceptions of healthy living, realizing that “health” is a complex process that includes the whole body and mind. Included within this complexity is the variability of people. We have different struggles and strengths and triggers and goals..
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Kailin Kenney

Focusing a career in wellness came hand in hand with my time as a dancer and athlete. Massage helped me gain balance in recovering from high intensity workouts and performances. When I discovered this harmony, I found a deeper connection with my dance, as well as an eagerness to share this knowledge, compassion and support with others. Witnessing the transformation, progress, and happiness people receive from massage has been the greatest gift. I am a graduate of Suffolk University and East West.
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Let’s Talk Thai Massage!

Let’s talk Thai Massage! This style of massage allows the body to open in ways other therapeutic massage does not reach. Some even describe a session as yoga being done for you. How relaxing is that?? I received a 3 hour Thai Massage this week that restored my body in the best way! Some of the muscle tension found throughout the session was uncomfortable. When I surrendered to this sensation and utilized my breath as a.
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