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Allison Brando

Allison Brando is an intuitive artist who brings broad vision, bold enthusiasm, and electric energy to her work, both habitually and intentionally.
Originally from New Orleans, Allison completed an intensive training program in Seattle with Dorothee VandeWalle, a master Pilates teacher who is recognized worldwide as a teacher-trainer and Pilates practitioner.
Allison teaches in the tradition of the original, authentic Pilates method. As a certified Metropolitan Authentic Training (M.A.T.) Pilates instructor, she.
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Gravity Pilates

What is Gravity Pilates?

Gravity Pilates Strength Training provides total body conditioning using the fundamentals of Pilates. This workout increases lean muscle mass, decreases body fat, improves circulation and posture, releasesĀ endorphin's, expedites weight loss, and promotes overall physical strength. Gravity PilatesĀ Strength Training builds a rock solid core, while elongating and toning every muscle group in the body.mefitness_gravity_411

Gravity Pilates Strength Training uses.

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