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Me Fitness partners with Fitlandia Fitness to help support our members in realigning their fitness and nutrition goals. Keep an eye here for workshops and offerings!.
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Meal Prep: Where do I start?

Me Fitness Front Desk Star, Anna, shared this awesome blog with us about her journey into meal prep. Have you been intrigued about meal prep but don't know where to start? 
On a busy day with little extra time in my schedule, the last thing I want to think about is how to fit cooking into my day. More often than not, I end up spending too much money and eating much unhealthier.
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Recipe of the Month: March

Green Veggie and Hummus bowl

March makes me think green. It’s the month for St. Patrick's Day and Spring Cleaning as we start to prepare for the (hopefully) warmer months that are around the corner. I’m excited to share with you all my go to salad right now. This is a delicious, easy to make clean, green recipe.     


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