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Yoga Mat Etiquette

Your yoga mat should feel like your own private island in class, but while it might feel like a second home, one of its main purposes is to create a barrier between you and the not so clean ground. Here are some additional yoga mat tips you might not know about. 1.There is nothing wrong with borrowing a mat if it is your first class or you accidentally forgot your mat at home. Otherwise, bring your own.
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Our yoga facility is one of the finest in Northeast Portland with spacious rooms, hand blown glass fixtures, custom crafted fans, and a modern industrial feel. The tranquil setting begins with walking into the yoga foyer and instantly feeling a sense of relief. Light music playing in the background and a water/tea station help ease the stressful day and allows you to prepare for a therapeutic class. Before entering yoga class, please remove your shoes. We provide multiple areas.
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The Cage

Our Cage Studio is located up stairs near the Functional Training Studio and hosts multiple classes such as TRX, Super Circuit and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). There are large windows with custom made window coverings that allow natural light and give the feeling of being in a large open space. When there isn’t a class going on, there is enough room to enjoy stretching or jumping rope. Stability balls, medicine balls and kettlebells are also available for.
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