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Free Weights

Free weight training is the most common form of resistance training.  By isolating your movements and using weight to stress the muscle, free weights help to strengthen and tone. Our Free Weight Studio encompasses all equipment needed to help you reach your resistance training goals.  We have a variety of dumbbells available for your versatile workout:  Weight benches, Squat and power racks, Upper-body, Mid-body, and Lower-body stations.  If you are unfamiliar with free weight training.
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Hammer Strength

Hammer Strength Located on the second floor near the Cardio Studio, our Hammer Strength Motion Technology Selectorized™ equipment offers all you need to support your resistance training goals. Dual selectorized weight stacks preserve the integrity of independent arm or leg action, allowing users to obtain more proportionate results, and add more strength training variety to workouts. Additional benefits of using Hammer Strength Motion Technology Selectorized™ equipment are body stabilization, improved balance, and body awareness. The.
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Our Cardio Studio is located upstairs near large windows.  The wrap around windows offer a spacious feeling of being outdoors.  Our equipment ranges from Olympic row machines, Arc-trainers, Ellipticals, treadmills, and more.  The best part about our cardio equipment is that there are no waiting lists or hourly sign ups.  Even at the busiest times there is enough cardio equipment for members to access machines when they want and need to!.
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