Yoga/Pilates Instructors

Allison Brando

Allison Brando is an intuitive artist who brings broad vision, bold enthusiasm, and electric energy to her work, both habitually and intentionally.
Originally from New Orleans, Allison completed an intensive training program in Seattle with Dorothee VandeWalle, a master Pilates teacher who is recognized worldwide as a teacher-trainer and Pilates practitioner.
Allison teaches in the tradition of the original, authentic Pilates method. As a certified Metropolitan Authentic Training (M.A.T.) Pilates instructor, she.
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Amanda Milian

Amanda has been practicing flexibility, strength training, and movement through gymnastics and competitive cheerleading since childhood. In 2011, her grandmother inspired her to try a Yoga class. She was immediately hooked by the unique blend of spirituality and physicality that made up the practice. It provided an oasis for the thinking mind and sense of self-empowerment. From that point forward, she began to incorporate yoga into her life as much as possible. In 2017 she.
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Amy Da Silva

Amy’s practice started in college, first in Hatha Yoga, then in Ashtanga. She practiced at PSU for 4 years, until graduating in 2006. She came back to a regular practice in 2010, searching for an Ashtanga class, and discovered Vinyasa Flow. At a transitional point in her personal life, she found the direction she needed in practice. She finished her teacher training course in Nov, 2010 where she explored a heated Vinyasa practice and the.
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Eliot Sitt

Eliot Sitt began learning Yang Style Tai Chi from David Barrett at Reed College in 2003 and has been teaching since 2009. Since then he has also studied with Sifu Pikshan Ko and Sifu Gregory Fong. Eliot also practices acupuncture, massage, and Chinese herbalism in Milwaukie, Oregon (Milwaukie Acupuncture) and is a part-time faculty member at the herbal medicinary at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM)..
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Heather Craig

Heather Craig is the founder of Body Luv Fitness LLC/Booty Luv® Fitness. She has been in the movement industry since 2007, holds multiple certifications, and is all about helping her clients feel better in their bodies! Heather cultivates an atmosphere of FUN, VARIETY AND SAFETY and views movement as an active meditation for overall wellness. She specializes in full body, functional movement, with an emphasis on strengthening the hips, glutes, core, and muscles that support.
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Heather Smith

Heather first turned to yoga as a path to healing from physical injury while living in Vietnam. Like a seed taking root, her simple fifteen-minute home practice grew. Curiosity and a desire to learn more, soon led her to enroll in an intensive yoga retreat in the south of Thailand. While on retreat, Heather stepped fully into the flow, and never looked back. She is now an RYT 200, having graduated from her first teacher.
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Pamela Sery

Pamela is happy to be a part of the Me Fitness Team! She is grateful for the connection and joy yoga offers her community. Every day is a fresh opportunity for all of us to discover who we are on our mats, and to connect with others on the same, but unique path. Her journey started in 2002, influenced by the joyful teachings of Steve Ross from Maha Yoga in California. She has since studied the.
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