Online Classes!

In this time of so many unknowns, it is more vital than ever to maintain the ways in which wellness has been incorporated into our lives.  Movement allows us to ignite presence and understanding of our anatomy while exciting endorphins, helping to maintain both our physical bodies and simultaneously working out our emotional bodies.  We know that so many rely on the community offerings and knowledge building that comes with group fitness, not to mention the really awesome sweat seshs taught by our incomparable trainers!


As we figure out new ways to best continue providing group class and training sessions to our members, we have compiled a list of our wonderful trainers that have online offerings ready for all to enjoy!

ME Fitness Studios on YouTube

Visit our YouTube channel HERE to workout alongside some of your favorite ME Fitness Instructors.  We will be uploading new videos EVERY WEEK, so be sure to check back frequently for new formats, fun workouts, and of course, your ME Fit Community!

@MeFitStudios on Instagram

Head over to our Instagram page HERE to see daily updates by our trainers.  From quick workout videos, to movement tips, to LIVE workouts broadcast from their personal feeds, there’s A LOT of movement sharing happening in cyber space.  Be sure to check our stories as well as out posts to stay active alongside your favorite ME Fit Instructors!


Group Fitness Manager and Booty Luv Founder Heather Craig wants to know if you’re ready to “shape what your mama gave ya™” and turn up your confidence? Booty Luv® Fitness strengthens your core, hips, legs and booty so you can feel stronger, more energized, more balanced and have more FUN! The moves are simple, effective and guaranteed to get your heart pumping and booty bumping!

Booty Luv Fitness is offering one free month of Cyber Booty to all new members.  Visit the website HERE and use the promo code: 1MONFREE

Yoga Connection || 30-Day Yoga Series

All Levels Yoga Instructor Emily Henderson created this FREE 30 day series to help reconnect to yourself, and strengthen your journey in your home yoga practice. Visit her youtube page HERE to view Day 1 of this series of Beginners Level instructional Yoga videos.  In the video you will find the break down of the series, some tips that will help you along the way, and a slow and gentle introduction into getting started with a flow and a few yoga poses.

Emily also has a whole host of instructional Yoga videos including, 30 minute sessions focusing on back pain relief, full-body yoga inspired workouts, and 10 minute flows perfect for a morning reboot.  Check out all of her offerings HERE!

Homegrown Fit

If you’ve enjoyed a Level Up class in the Playground, than you know that ME Fit Pro Trainer Anne Koski is queen of creating extraordinarily fun workouts designed with the main tenants of building resilience, getting stronger, and playing more.  She is offering FREE access to no-equipment-necessary workout videos via subscription to her newsletter.  Head over to her website HERE and simply sign up now!

DELIGHTFUL YOGA with Pamela Sery

Join ME Fit’s Posi-Vibes-Yoga Extraordinaire Pamela Sery for short Yoga videos, including a 30 minute session perfect for those who enjoy holding themselves in gardening positions throughout their days, and 5 minute videos perfect for quick stress management and re-grounding into one’s body. Head to her You Tube channel HERE.