New Equipment at ME Fitness Studios

New Equipment at ME Fitness Studios

We’re excited to discuss all of our great new equipment that has arrived over the past few months!





The Multi-Jungle & Smith Machine

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The Multi-Jungle offers multi-dimensional strength training for effective strength training that builds balance and stability.

“With a smaller footprint we get all the benefits of a cable system, but with the dual cable pulley we can assure that both sides of the body are challenged in a more functional way.”  -Certified Personal Trainer Lora Lee

Take your squats to another level with the Smith Machine. Our Smith Machine bar path follows a seven-degree angle, which is the free weight motion of Olympic lifting.

Hammer Strength Squat Rack & Back Extension


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The dynamic Hammer Strength Squat Rack offers the same effectiveness and customization as the rest, but gives exercisers more room for workouts. They can be used as an essential piece of strength training for individuals and as an intense small group training area.

Our Back Extension features angled pads and lower rollers that combine to provide you with excellent support.

Landmine & TRX/Rings/Assisted Pull-Up Station

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This landmine is designed to pivot 360 degrees in a fluid motion, which is ideal for rotational training exercises. Try the landmine press, landmine row, or standing barbell Russian twist!

Our Ring/Strap and TRX suspension systems leverage gravity and your bodyweight to perform strength training and core exercises. You’re in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise and can modify by simply adjusting strap length.

Think you can’t do a pull-up? Now you can! Our strength bands and platform are here to assist all levels of fitness.


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