Client Testimonial: Brittney

We love this client testimonial, what a change in just a year! Documenting your fitness journey is a fantastic way to see just how far you come. Thank you, Brittney, for sharing your progress with us!

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These side by side photos show just over a year of progress, becoming healthier and stronger. The middle photo is my progress in April. I continued running and strength training with the best coach anyone could ask for, Tracy Jones at ME Fitness Studios!

I used to roll my eyes looking at others’ progress thinking I would never be able to stick with something or find something I enjoy. In my opinion, all it takes is a great personal trainer or someone to coach and support you. Once you see results its hard to turn back.

Sidenote: I love wine, pizza, chipotle and almond croissants.unnamed


Keep up the great work, Brittney!

Click HERE for more information about Tracy Jones.

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