Client Testimonial: Britta

Me Fitness Member, Britta, was kind enough to share a testimonial with us. Thank you for sharing your fitness journey with us, Britta! We greatly value the success of our members, and love being able to assist and support as you reach your own fitness goals.  


After turning 40, I spent a few years testing the waters of personal training and gyms. Often, the trainers I experienced britta 1were people who either didn’t practice what they taught or facilities that had a “one way only,” approach to fitness. So when my husband and I joined Me Fitness, I had no intention of hiring a trainer. Jen Smirl ended up being my tour guide when we joined the gym and she was such a real person that I decided to give personal training another shot. Since I started working out at Me Fitness, I’ve become physically stronger and I’ve lost ten pounds. More importantly, I’ve started to live my life with more openness and awareness than ever.

Jen always asks me how I’m feeling at the beginning of a session and adapts what she’s planned based on my answer. If I chugged a protein shake two minutes before the work out, we won’t jump a lot. If I didn’t sleep much the night before, we’ll go a little easier. If I’m feeling pissed off, we’ll use that to go a little harder. These adaptations of my workouts have become a framework for how I respond to my life. I’ve begun to ask myself, “What can I do today?” versus, “I have to do it all today.” When I show up for a workout britta 2complaining about my job or something happening with family, Jen honors my feelings and gently reminds me that everyone’s struggling, and struggle is an opportunity for challenging ourselves. She always seems to have some anecdote that helps me remember there is never an excuse for not seeking your strongest self.

As a person whose gained and lost weight my entire life, I’ve realized there are always emotional reasons surrounding food and exercise. Typically, during periods of weight gain, I’m feeling like a martyr who has no time for herself. During periods of weight loss, I’m feeling as if I can only look out for myself. This time around, while I am feeling more in shape, I am also celebrating something new. I can now shut down old recordings in my mind that tell me I’m not giving enough to others, that I’m middle aged and appearance shouldn’t be important, that I’ll never be as in shape as I used to be so it’s pointless…I could fill this page with all the reasons I would tell myself that I didn’t need to work out.



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