Make Time to Make Food

When I am training clients, often food comes up and how people don’t have enough time to prepare healthy meals during the busy work week.
I recommend a food prep day.  I spend a couple of hours on Sundays and enlist the help of my family too for washing and peeling carrots, for example.
Here are a few ideas for you to try:
1. Cut up carrots, celery, and bell peppers and put in a tupperware container for quick snacking.
2.  Wash and put grapes in a tupperware for the same thing.
3.  Hard boil a few eggs and write the date on them in pencil, store in refrigerator.
4.  Buy a roasted chicken and pull all meat off, store in tupperware.  Throughout week, put in salads and/or make quick tacos.
5.  Wash and prep lettuce and have ready for salads or buy a couple of the ready to go salads.  All the stores have some pretty great ones with dressing, nuts; all included, just go light on the dressing!  :)
6.  Make a pot of quinoa and use for the following:
a. Breakfast- quinoa, coconut milk, walnuts, banana slices and a bit of agave syrup.
b. Dinner- roast zucchini, onions, sweet potatoes and bell peppers with olive oil, cumin, salt and pepper.  Put over quinoa and top with salsa, plain yogurt, black beans.
c.  Add to salads.  If you google quinoa salad recipes, there are a ton of them!  Just pick something with about 6 or so ingredients to keep it simple.  I am not a fan of complicated recipes.
Jennifer Smirl, Fitness Director at Me Fitness Studios

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