September Yogi of The Month – Karen Lerner

I taught fitness for 16 years until in 1997 I herniated a disk in my lumbar spine, had surgery and this lead me to my path of yoga. I took my first yoga teacher training in 2001and subsequently studied with many teachers learning different techniques and different styles. I was drawn to the Jivamukti yoga method because of the Bhakti aspect, which is based in devotion and the yoga of sound called “Nada” yoga. Chanting is an aspect of yoga that raises the vibration and leads to quieting the mind in a way that compliments the “asana practice” or the physical postures. I am also drawn to the Philosophy of yoga and quote often from The Yoga Sutras. ( A must read for anyone serious about the yoga path.) I have studied many types of restorative and therapeutic forms of yoga. I combine all that I have learned from my teachers into my own style which is determined by the students in the class. I have always learned so much from the students, hence the term “Namaste” which means the teacher in one honors the teacher in the other. I am excited to join Me Fitness on Monday nights from 5:30-6:45 and on Thursday nights from 5:30-6:30.

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“I have taken yoga classes from Karen for several years now, at different studios in town. Her teaching style is supportive and informative, her manner both light-hearted and dedicated, with attention to individual issues and abilities as class size permits. Karen offers great anatomical/physiological insights, along with a meditative, almost spiritual approach to the practice. She does her homework, imparting yogic knowledge to her students. I’ve seen her whip a class of 30 or more through vinyasa poses, I’ve seen her devote full attention to only a couple of us in a tiny room. In either setting, Karen is a great teacher.” Joanne

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