Massage Therapy

Bodywork & Massage

Cristy Hatton, LMT #18825

Cristy offers Classic Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Treatment and more. Cristy is also a Certified Personal Trainer so she can make you sore and then massage it away!Christy(50of53)

Having played softball her entire life, Cristy learned how to push the limits of her body in pursuit of a goal. This allowed her to cultivate a lifelong love for the process of fitness and the wonderful benefits that come with it.  Growing up she found a passion for massage within her family that inspired her to pursue her massage therapy license. Emphasizing Sport Massage education, this became a perfect companion to the fitness world at the center of her life.

The combination of personal experiences with years of studying anatomy and kinesiology has led Cristy to a place where she feels passionately about helping clients create pain free mobility while still allowing them to work their bodies toward their goals.

Jane Graybill, LMT #7748

Jane offers Deep Tissue, Swedish and Pregnancy Massage utilizing movement therapy, stretching and exercise to help her clients heal from pain, injury, stress, or just to relax and reset.  Her practice is a blend of modalities that aims to alleviate pain and help her clients find balance and ease in everyday movement.Jane

Jane is passionate about helping people have awareness of their own bodies, and sees her role as a facilitator to help her clients heal themselves so they can continue to do the activities they love with strength and confidence.  She believes that massage is beneficial for all people, regardless of age, activity level, or body type.

Jane has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2001. She grew up in Portland and continues to live and work in north / northeast.  She is an active member of the community, and is happy to bring her massage practice to the heart of her neighborhood at Me Fitness.  You will find Jane exercising alongside you!

 Please contact massage therapists directly for details, pricing and scheduling.