Most people will know that eating a healthful diet is good for their bodies. What they may not understand is why certain foods are considered healthier than others, such as why protein helps build muscle or why carbohydrates are the best energy source for endurance training, for example.

ME Fitness Studios is partnered with Nutrition Counselor, Jennifer Oeschner, and she can assist clients in making healthful nutrition choices using a variety of methodologies.

Jennifer Oeschner has completed a certification program through the Holistic Nutrition Credentialing Board (HNCB). She believes that food is medicine and the right medicine can heal, prevent illness, and return the body to balance.

For each client she creates an individualized treatment plan. Each plan may include menu planning, specific food recommendations and recommended vitamin and mineral supplementation. Nutrition counseling can help to resolve a variety of health issues including skin disorders, digestive concerns, hormonal imbalance, and poor immune function.

Do you think that you could benefit from nutrition counseling? Contact Jennifer at to set up your complimentary 30 minute consultation.