Good Health Insights: Tool Assisted Myofascial Release

Good Health Physical Therapy and Wellness’ own Sara Avni, has shared a series of blog on the tools she uses with her clients. The second in the series is Tool Assisted Myofascial Release! Thanks, Sara!

Tool Assisted Myofascial Release

A previous blog post talked about suction cups as a way for physical therapists at Good Health Physical Therapy & Wellness to promote myofascial release (MFR) with our patients.

Pictured here are 3 other tools we often use for MFR as well. Whether made from stone or other materials, these tools can help us treat patients and provide MFR in a different way.


While the suction cups help to lift and separate tissue layers to promote blood flow and tissue mobility, these tools are believed to help reorganize soft tissue fibers. In normal, healthy tissue, the fibers run parallel to each other, allowing smooth movement between layers as we contract and relax the muscles. With injury and inflammation, these fibers can get disorganized, not allowing this smooth movement, adding to limited motion, pain, and discomfort as you move your limbs and joints.

fascial pix

These tools help to realign these fibers and help move them more into a parallel orientation. They also help with increasing circulation to the area as well, just like the suction cups, they just do this through another means.

This is often a helpful treatment technique for people with chronic pain, decreased range of motion because of tension in the tissues, and with muscle strains. This can also help release tension that contributes to poor posture, joint alignment, and affects the way you sit at rest or move with activity.

A physical therapist at Good Health Physical Therapy & Wellness is always happy to provide more information or assess your needs to reduce or prevent pain and injury.GoodHealthPT_Logo01 (1)

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