Give Back to The Serendipity Center this November

We are receiving donations at the front desk for the Serendipity Center! You can drop off your donations until Nov 22nd.  We’re so thankful to be apart of such a giving community, even a little goes a long way.

About the Serendipity Center

Our school provides all students with a hot breakfast and lunch daily, for some of our students these are their only meals due to outside life circumstances (low income/no income, foster care, homelessness, lack of resources). Currently we are serving 97 students, and a good portion of these families will rely on donations to help them get through school closures, holidays, extended break times. Serendipity Center is a non-profit Organization that relies on generous donations to keep our programs running for our students; clothing closet and Food Pantry. Our students come to us with varying degrees of Trauma, past and or present. At Serendipity, we serve these kids therapeutically and take a holistic approach to wellness of the child.

When a child is not concerned where their next meal will come from or if they have warm clean clothing, they can then focus on mental health, healing, education and overall wellness which directly lines up with our mission to provide the best environment for our students to heal and become educated, productive community members.

Serendipity Holiday List

Please drop Items off at ME Fitness by Wednesday, November 22nd.

(all sizes for ages 6 yrs to 21 yrs)
· T- Shirts
· Jeans
· Socks
· Sweatshirts
· Jackets
· Coats
· Hats
· Gloves
· Underwear
· White T-shirts

Non-Perishables including:
· Boxed Meals
· Noodles/rice
· Peanut Butter
· Oatmeal/Cereals
· Healthy Snack Foods
· Canned Goods
· Baking Supplies

· Bags
· Toothpaste
· Shampoo/ Conditioner
· Soap
· Deodorant
· Gift Cards


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