Let’s Talk Thai Massage!


Let’s talk Thai Massage! This style of massage allows the body to open in ways other therapeutic massage does not reach. Some even describe a session as yoga being done for you. How relaxing is that??

I received a 3 hour Thai Massage this week that restored my body in the best way! Some of the muscle tension found throughout the session was uncomfortable. When I surrendered to this sensation and utilized my breath as a tool to navigate the tightness, the more noticeable the symptoms vanished with each breath. And of course, it’s always important to communicate with the therapist. Tolerance for deep tissue bodywork varies!cover_flyer_2013-d2

The massage was the perfect way to start off my Thailand journey. This next chapter in bodywork is very exciting! I’m happy to announce I’ll be traveling to Thailand in just a couple of weeks! I’ll be immersed in a culture where massage practically began and I’m geeking out about it. I’ll be studying at the Sunshine Massage School.

You better believe I’ll bring home soulful bodywork and advanced Thai techniques that will deepen the stretches and massage I currently offer. I can’t wait to share the benefits of this sweet journey with you!

Meet Kailin Kenney, our newest addition to the health and wellness team at Me Fitness.

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