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What an hour looks like with me… whether or not you want to box for fitness, for fun, or you’d like to focus on personal training, you’re gonna get your sweat on! My teaching style is fast, fun, and safe. I take more of a HIIT and strength training approach to teaching. Once you’ve got the basics down, we will hit the ground running!

A boxing session with me looks like… hitting focus mitts, learning how to defend against punches, footwork drills, head movement, weight shifting, conditioning and strength training, and lots of ab work! In about an hour you should burn between 500-650 calories. I make you work!

A personal training session with me looks like… we will start with the basics. I will see where you are at this is a judgement free zone! I’ve worked with moms, kids, amateur and professional athletes- your progress is your progress! No matter your fitness level, age, body type, or goals, I’ll push you the way you want to be pushed and adapt my teaching style according to your learning style. Let’s be a team and get to work!



NASM Certified Personal Trainer | NASM Certified Nutritional Meal Planner 

Certified Adaptive Training | USA Boxing Certified | Sport Safe Certified


Owner and Head Trainer of Fight Or Flight Fitness |@fightorflightpdx |

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