ME Time Child Watch

ME Time Child Watch 

We recommend you pre-register your child online or with our phone app. We have limited spaces available. We supervise children 6 months-10 years of age.

Our current hours are Monday thru Thursday, 9am-11:30am and we have a 1.5 hour time limit for children being supervised in ME Time. 

Please check yourself and your child at the front desk before going to ME Time.

Please bring your child freshly diapered. Diapers will NOT be changed by the ME Time staff. If your child does need his/her diaper changed, then the childcare staff will alert you to this need during your class.

For the well being of the other children and staff, please refrain from bringing a sick child into the facility.

Please label all of your child’s belongings with his/her name.

ME Time will provide age appropriate toys. For safety and hygienic reasons, we ask that you refrain from bringing your child’s own personal toys.

Children will remove shoes upon entry.

If a child is inconsolable, parents will be notified and asked to return to the child watch room to assist the staff.

If a child needs the use the bathroom, the parents will be notified and asked to accompany the child to the bathroom and return the child to the child watch room before returning to class.

No food is allowed in the ME Time Child Watch room, drinks in closed containers are allowed.