Gravity Pilates

What is Gravity Pilates?

Gravity Pilates Strength Training provides total body conditioning using the fundamentals of Pilates. This workout increases lean muscle mass, decreases body fat, improves circulation and posture, releases endorphin’s, expedites weight loss, and promotes overall physical strength. Gravity Pilates Strength Training builds a rock solid core, while elongating and toning every muscle group in the body.mefitness_gravity_411

Gravity Pilates Strength Training uses your own body weight as resistance against the natural and consistent pull of gravity. Using body weight resistance prevents the compression usually associated with the use of free weights or machines. The glide board rolls up and down on an adjustable track, and you literally pull or push your own weight at variable inclines.


Testimonial from Gravity Pilates Participant, Sarah S. mefitness_gravity_525

Duane is a fantastic instructor! He’s compassionate, funny and really cares about his clients.  His classes are varied so you don’t feel as if you are doing the same exercises time after time. And they are tough! I was surprised how hard I worked in the Gravity Pilates class and how much of my body I used. Duane’s classes are appropriate for any level and he gives great modifications. Duane has an encouraging tone and a keen eye for proper form. I highly suggest you try a Gravity Pilates Class and like me, you will be hooked! 




Contact Duane for more details about days/times for classes. He can be reached at :

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