Our yoga and Pilates studio is one of the finest in Northeast Portland with spacious rooms, hand blown glass fixtures, custom crafted fans, and a modern industrial feel. The tranquil setting begins with walking into the yoga foyer and instantly feeling a sense of relief. Light music playing in the background and a water/tea station help ease the stressful day and allows you to prepare for a therapeutic class. Before entering yoga class, please remove your shoes. We provide multiple areas where you can leave your belongings including a locker facility, cubbies under bench seating in the foyer, and in the yoga rooms. While we provide a couple of yoga mats for use, we highly recommend bringing your own.

All of our instructors are highly trained, certified, and experienced. They consistently receive rave reviews on our social media networks. A recent review states, “Yoga teachers – 5 stars. Love the three teachers I’ve been to. Great focus on form AND breath AND mindfulness – plus good at doing adjustments while being respectful and aware.” We take great pride in our instructors who actively host workshops, get involved with staff volunteer functions, and who maintain a great rapport with members.

Our facility gives you access to multiple types of yoga including Heated Flow, Yin, Yoga Basic Foundations, and Gentle Yoga. We offer class packages where you can attend classes offered without a monthly membership. Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned yogi, we have something to offer!