Pilates Portland Oregon

Our Pilates studio is located downstairs near the Yoga foyer in studio #2.  Large windows complete the Pilates studio, giving a soft peaceful glow and creating the perfect atmosphere for your workout.  We provide all equipment needed to have a productive mat/core Pilates experience including exercise balls, therabands, Pilates rings, and more.  However you will need to bring your own Yoga/Pilates mat.  We do offer Yoga mat rentals should you need a mat. Our Core/Mat Pilates class is different than your typical Pilates class; we offer a variety of ways to support your back, as so many of us can benefit from this additional help.  From weight-lifters and Yoga gurus to beginners, this class will help to improve posture, balance, and flexibility. Specific exercises are chosen to support functional “life movements” and core stability.