Anne Koski

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Are you too young to be feeling that your body’s aches, injuries, and almost unnoticeable loss of mobility may someday keep you from living the life you want? Losing mobility, strength, and durability doesn’t have to be a part of your life, ever. Most exercises simply make us better at exercising. Anne provides her clients with exercises that help their body do everything else better, with the handy by-product of getting stronger, leaner, & healthier.

Anne will guide you through a plan that will be customized to your training needs, which may include building strength, coordination, and balance, addressing tight muscles, pain, and reduced mobility. She will also provide you with tools that will help change parts of your nutrition and lifestyle that better-support the efforts you make with your movement practice. She also strongly encourages her clients to find a way to include play in every day.

Anne is taking clients for private, partners, semi-private (3 people). She can also provide supplemental online programming as requested.


Credentials hgf                                                                

Fitness & Movement Coach

Founder: Homegrown Fit

NASM-Certified Exercise Specialist

NPTI Kettlebell Training

MS in Health Studies 

BS in Exercise Science

Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist