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My clients want to learn lifelong healthy habits and small sustainable lifestyle changes that realistically fit within their work and home lives. I am an open ear and a shoulder to lean on for my clients as much as I am a trainer and educator. Health is spiritual, mental and physical and I do my best to provide a safe place for my clients to discover who they are and what they are capable of, in and outside the gym. I train a majority of women, helping women feel empowered is a blessing. As for my training style; I am old school. The majority of my workouts are free-weight based, slow controlled movements with proper rest, and high attention to safety and form. I have a ton of patience and perseverance, which allows me to take on injuries with great results. I have helped manage: degenerative joint disease, lymphedema, shoulder and knee replacement, breast augmentation and reduction surgery, chronic joint pain due to injury and/or profession, severe arthritis, scoliosis, pre and postnatal, and more. While running a gym in BC I worked closely with kinesiologists and physical therapists from whom I absorbed a ton of information. And as I tell my clients: if I don’t know, I’ll find out!


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