Jared Holloway

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Jared loves being active and challenging his limits. He has been in the fitness industry since.He enjoys exercises that require 100% effort and focus, like sprints. He also enjoys working with weights and doing functional movements. His wealth of knowledge, passion, and enthusiasm make for challenging and fun one-on–one and small group workouts. In his spare time, Jared likes playing flag football, basketball, slow pitch softball, soccer, and indoor hockey.

Not only does Jared encourage his clients, he also supports his fellow ME Fitness Personal Trainers as Fitness Concierge.

Training Philosophy:

 You VS You

It is not about beating the people next to you, or comparing yourself to other, it’s about asking yourself, “did YOU get better today, did YOU push yourself to be stronger?” That is how you build success, that is how you build self-confidence, and that is how you build a better you.

  • Bachelor’s Degree from
  • Western Oregon
  • University, Exercise
  • Science with a Minor in Sports Nutrition
  • TRX Certification
  • USWA Weight Lifting Coach Certification
Contact Jared:

530 605 7386        j.holloway@mefitstudios.com