Kellen Hassard

I bounced around in different team sports and athletic activities as a kid, never quite finding my groove until I landed in martial arts in high school. I loved the community that I found there and the chance to work with amazing teachers who were not just experts in their art but strong leaders and role models as well. I loved that practicing martial arts was ultimately a solo journey and something that allowed me to connect with myself physically and mentally. Not long after I discovered weight training and was drawn to it for many of the same reasons.
I was a gym rat for many years after that, picking up random tips and bits of information from people in the gym and forums online. At that time, many women in my social circle who felt intimidated walking into a gym (or beyond the cardio machines) started asking me to show them the ropes, so to speak. I realized that they were looking to me for strong leadership and expertise and that in order to provide the latter, I needed to seek out more education. I got my personal training certification at that point, followed by a group fitness certification not long after and began working as a class instructor and personal trainer. A few years ago I discovered kettlebells and was totally hooked! I recently completed my StrongFirst Level 1 Instructor certification.
I know what an impact fitness has had and continues to have on my sense of personal well-being, confidence and mental health, and I want to help people experience that for themselves firsthand! I’m especially interested in working with women and LGBTQIA+ people who are looking to feel amazing in their bodies and confident walking into the gym!


WITS: Certified Personal Trainer, Level 2
StrongFirst: SFG1 (kettlebells)
AFAA: Group Fitness Instructor