Nick Johnston


My name is Nick Johnston, Owner and Founder of Prime Fitness. I am a full-time Personal Trainer in the Portland Area. My lifelong passion for fitness has driven me to earn multiple  personal training certifications. I love helping people achieve their fitness goals from weight loss to body building, and anything in between. I was an avid wrestler/track and field competitor in middle school and high school and through those experiences I was inspired to chase my dreams in fitness.

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon and growing up in the NW has fueled my passion for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, mountaineering and skiing. Let my desire and passion for exercise help you achieve your fitness goals. Whether your goal is weight loss, strength gain, improved endurance or general health let me help build a program specific to your needs. I am ready to help you change your life in fitness through a custom workout and nutrition plan. I believe that there is an athlete inside of all of us, and anyone can reach their potential. Fitness is not a chore, it’s a lifestyle.






Contact Nick:

(503) 901-1066