Tracy Jones


Tracy has been a Personal Trainer and certified Kettlebell coach since 2014. She was a collegiate athlete and has always loved sports and fitness. Diagnosed with Spondylolisthesis 10 years ago, she struggled to find a way to workout pain free. That led Tracy to discover Kettlebells in 2010 and through that experience, she knew she wanted to help others achieve success and pain free movement with Kettlebells. She chose to leave her corporate job and pursue a career in the Health and Fitness industry. Tracy is Kettlebell certified though the Skogg system and has been mentored by Michael Skogg. She specializes in interval training with an emphasis in Kettlebells. Tracy is eager to share her knowledge and enthusiasm for fitness to all of her clients.






NASM Personal Trainer

The Skogg System Kettlebell Certification

Spin Certified

MovNat Level 1

You can contact Tracy at: