Sharon Hanson

Sharon Hanson Portland Yoga Instructor

I have been practicing Hatha Yoga since 1991 and teaching since 1996. When I first came to yoga I had the shortest and tightest hamstrings known to mankind due to long distance running and never stretching. My very first yoga class turned my world upside down, figuratively and literally! I remember with laughter my very first class my teacher Diane Wilson working her hardest to help me into fish pose, which now is one of my favorite postures. I had never experienced my body in this unusual and buoyant shape. It immediately hooked my curiosity and my sense of play.

 For the last twenty some years I have continued my practice through life’s storms and smooth waters. It has anchored and comforted me when needed and calls me to grow and change when challenges arise. Hatha Yoga has not only complimented my other passions in life such as rock climbing, painting, writing, aerial arts, being a doula, friend, daughter and sister it has permeated itself as a healthy lifestyle. The Eightfold path of yoga invites us to live to the fullest by allowing us to realize potential and our choices in each moment by teaching us to live in the moment. I believe that our yoga practice is a microcosm of our life off of the yoga mat. It can teach us ways of deepening our relationship and connection to ourselves and to those in our life. We learn to navigate in our worlds from a more genuine and authentic place.