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+ Licensed Massage Therapist




Hi, I'm Erin. This is where I tell you about the exciting role I have been designed for: to guide you compassionately and courageously into a more loving and embodied experience of your own personal human strength potential. It took me a long time to find strength training as a powerful healing modality and I can't wait to sojourn alongside you on the path of your own inner body strength discovery.

I am well versed in a plethora of healing modalities including mindfulness meditation, energy healing, kundalini yoga, pranayama breathwork, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, therapeutic deep tissue massage, yoga and more. These are pillars of my practice and because I have explored them all so deeply, I have learned that the most powerful tool I can teach you is how to integrate them into a strength training practice - utilizing your inner wisdom and will, your subtle body and gross body, your yin qualities and your yang qualities - to effectively and efficiently spring into action to perform powerful and freeing feats of strength.

No matter your genetic makeup, your past life experience, what you have been told you can and can't do -- there is a beautiful potential inside of you just waiting to be seen and encouraged to be the ultimate version of YOU!

As a Massage Therapist, I have been helping people heal via therapeutic bodywork since 2011. To unwind patterns that are no longer serving my clients’ wellbeing, I utilize a variety of modalities including Biodynamic cranial, deep tissue manual therapy, myofascial release, somatic dialogue, trigger point release, pranayama breathwork, and more. My biggest passion in life is creating a therapeutic container for healing to take place - whether on the gym floor or in the massage studio. Find out more about me and schedule a Bodywork session at Me Fitness or Spring Wellness to co-create this healing container and begin to unwind the layers of tension holding you back from expressing your true potential.

Massage Pricing: 

$120 - 1hr

$140 - 75min

$160 - 90min


ATG Level 1 (Ben Patrick & Keegan Smith) - pending

Integrative Pelvic Therapy (Kathryn Kloos, ND)

Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM)

2 terms of Exercise Science (Portland Community College)

Biodynamic Cranial 1 (Todd Jackson)

Reiki Level 1 (Niema Lightseed Wilson)

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Intro (Marian Wolfe-Dixon)

200-hr Yoga Teacher Training (Bhakti Yoga Movement Center)

Tantra Foundations (Jaya Kula)


Massage Therapy License #18469 (East West College of the Healing Arts)


(503) | Instagram @springwellnesspdx

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