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+ Group Fitness Instructor

Your body is your home for life. This is why I find that a flexible approach to fitness and wellness is essential - life is always changing, and so are we in our bodies. So it is key to be well-informed and to understand what is sustainable while remaining accountable to ourselves to create positive change, even when it looks different than what we imagined at first. 


Over more than ten years, I've worked with people who need exercise to slow the progression of diseases such as Parkinsons and diabetes, as well as people who have gotten one too many injuries from their sport of choice and need to find a new way to fitness and strength. I've helped people with body recomposition, training through pregnancy and postpartum, and getting ready for big events: weddings, multi-day mountain bike rides, or the seemingly little things in life that become quite big if you can't do them.


Working with me, a client can expect to be thoroughly listened to and encouraged to take ownership of their goals, with a clear understanding of what their goals mean to them, what they may require, and what is possible, realistic and sustainable in the short and long term for a client. I love to coach both nutrition and movement with these focal points, building a genuine relationship with each client where they know that they are able to show up as they are and progress through consistency over time. This means that you can't be unsuccessful just because of life's inevitable zigs and zags. 


Clients should also know that I will never presume what your goals are or dismiss your questions or concerns - your body autonomy and sense of safety are top priorities, and your understanding of why you want what you want is essential to the whole process. 


Let's get strong and learn what it takes. It is worth it, and it's never too late!


ACE Personal Trainer 

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

USA Weightlifting Level 1 Coach

Reembody Method Certified Apprentice

MELT Method Hand & Foot Instructor

TRX & Balanced Body Bodhi Suspension Systems

Advanced Instructor, Les Mills BodyPump & BodyStep



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